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Volunteer Roles

Rush Wisconsin would like to say THANK YOU to all those who volunteer. The Club is so grateful for the assistance and recognizes that volunteers are crucial in making the Club and Club events successful.

Volunteer roles vary per season. You can view current open roles and sign up on our portal.

Rush Wisconsin requires a minimum number of service hours for each family. Alternatively, a family may choose to “buy-out” their volunteer obligation at a fee listed below at their player’s age group amount.

Team Manager

This role is very important to help our teams have a successful season! We ask that each team provide a team manager for the season to help with communication and organization.

– Work with coach to help communicate with the team about the team’s schedule, help coach make decisions on scheduling, collect team fees, distribute payment and roster to referees at games

Interested in becoming a team manager? Please contact the Club Administrator at your earliest convenience.

Club Admin: [email protected]


Interested in getting involved in your own way? Please contact the Club Admin at your earliest convenience.

Club Admin: [email protected]

How & When to Register

All registrations are currently done through Playmetrics. You will need to register your child for our seasonal tryouts in order for them to attend and be evaluated. If they are offered a spot on a Rush team, you will receive an invite from Playmetrics to register for the team. 

Regular Registration

Registration for teams will take place directly after your player receives an offer letter from their respective coach. This is typically in June for year round players and HS Girls, and November for HS Boys.

Late Registration

If you are joining the team after team formations have ended, you will need to contact our Club Admin to get your team invite. Late registration is allowed, as long as the coach has evaluated your player and decided they would be a good fit for the team.

Registration Prices

Registration prices vary by team and birth year. The base prices are as follows:

  • 2013-2012: $1500.000
  • 2011-2009: $1800.00
  • 2008-2004: $1750.00

Rush Wisconsin is proud to offer scholarships to those who need financial assistance. The application can be found on Playmetrics after registering your player. The application is an online form offered in both English and Spanish. This is located under “Club Programs” on the app and on the website.

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Upcoming Events

Club Tryouts Begin: June 6th …More Info

Summer Practice (HS Players) Begins: July 8

Practice Begins:
Fall = August-November,
Winter = January-March
Spring = April-June
Summer = July-August (HS Players)

Opening Date: August 

playmetrics faq's
navigating the app

The PlayMetrics app is incredibly user friendly and allows you to manage your account entirely on the app. As a player contact, you can view your players team(s) schedules, available programs, manage billing information, and so much more! On the app, you also have access to Club Resources.

Our financial aid application can now be submitted completely online and is available in English and Spanish. To apply, select “Programs” and click the drop down arrow to select Financial Aid. Start your application by clicking the + button. 

managing your account

The account owner will be able to manage the account and billing options. You can edit your payment method and view upcoming charges. PlayMetrics allows ACH payments (payment using an account and routing number) at a lower service fee than paying by credit or debit card.

The account owner can add contacts to the account by clicking “Contacts”. It will have you enter their contact details and automatically send them an invite. Each contact should download the app on their phone if they want to be notified of the schedule and any communications. Players can have their own profiles seperate from parents if they have their own email address.

Each contact can select their communication/notification preferences in the app by clicking the Rush symbol at the top left side of the screen, then selecting Account, and Settings. It is recommended to recieve Push notifications and/or email notifications. This is helpful in the event that a training or game needs to canceled at the last minute so you are notified before leaving for the event. 


Training schedules, game details, tournament details, and any events will be uploaded into your team’s PlayMetrics calendar. The team calendar is managed by the Team Manager and should be up to date at all times. 

It is imperative that you are marking your player’s availability for any and all events so the coaching staff can prepare. You can respond with a simple “yes” or “no” by clicking the green check mark or the red X. If your player is injured or can only attend for a portion of the event, you can indicate that as well as add any comments. 

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Friday – 10:00am – 2:00pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Phone: 608-831-6542

Email: [email protected]

Fund Raising

Rush Wisconsin strives to provide opportunities for soccer players of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to learn, develop and play the game of soccer in a fun and safe environment.

Rush Wisconsin provides and develops a staff of experienced and qualified coaches, seeks out facilities to further its mission, and plays at the highest levels of competitive soccer at the state, national and international levels.

Donations will support Rush Wisconsin in providing financial aid, develop and maintain facilities, and provide coaching education within the club and through our grassroots programs.

Donations can be made at registration, through our Give Butter site, or at our various fundraising events throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

We have different programs for all kids aged 6 through 18. See our YDA program and Competitive Program!

  • What is included in the registration fee?

Fees include the player registration fee for the state, 5 tournaments for year round teams and 3 tournaments for single season teams, league fees, summer training, fall training, indoor winter training, Playmetric Communication fees, and Veo Video fees. 

  • How much is the uniform? How often do I need to order a new one? 

We announce new uniform kits every 2 years. Our last kit announcement was for the 2023-2025 season, and the next one will be for the 2025-2027 season. If you order the complete uniform package (warmups, backpack, home & away kits, etc.) it can cost around $500.00 

  • Do I have to volunteer? 

All families are expected to volunteer, or pay a volunteer buy-out fee. Volunteer hours are calucated per family, not per player.

  • I registered my child for their team, but they are no longer interested in playing. Can I have a refund?

At this time, we can only offer refunds if your player is injured or moving out of the area. A doctor’s note must be submitted for the refund to be approved.