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Program Description

Rush Wisconsin has a unique mission of providing International Soccer – Cultural tours for its membership. Teams will be provided with the opportunity to travel to a variety of worldwide destinations to experience training from international coaches, play in a series of representative games and most importantly explore and enjoy the culture of the country visited. 

In the last two years Wisconsin Rush teams have visited Ireland and Italy. A variety of exciting International Tours are readily available with experienced and dedicated tour operators at the helm.  Europe, the Caribbean and South American counties offer many great possibilities as well. 

The club would like to extend two International Tour opportunities for players during their Rush Wisconsin club experience. One trip will be targeted for the middle school age group and the second for the High School age group. 

Each team will be given the opportunity to consider a trip, plan 10 months in advance and fundraise. 

Question:  How can you start the ball rolling?

Answer:     Talk with your coach and let him/her know that your team would like to learn more about the possibilities of International travel and the club will set up exploratory Team Meetings. 

Over the years Rush Teams have enjoyed memorable tours to Iceland, England Ireland, South Africa, Italy, South Africa, and Spain.  Our commitment to International Travel provides our players and families with a truly life altering experience and a lifetime of happy memories.

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