Becca Sprague


What is your administration experience?

I worked my first administrative job as a seasonal employee for a contracting company specializing in refrigeration, HVAC, geothermal, boilers, ventilation, plumbing, and process piping. Since then, I’ve held administrative roles and responsibilities in different industries with my most recent being real estate. Each gave me unique opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Why is Rush special to you?

When pursuing a job it was important for me to find one where the employers moral and values reflected mine. Furthermore it needed to be a good fit for me as a mom to a toddler who are new to the Madison area. I had a good feeling about this position when I applied and after my interview I was hopeful I would be extended an offer. I’m confident Rush Wisconsin is the professional home I’m looking for and will help me as a strive for my personal and professional goals.